From Owen Palmer of Ten Cent Pistols Ten Cent Pistols

Freddy did an amazing job on my Les Paul. Its been almost two years since the headstock cracked clean off and its still going incredibly strong. I am so happy with the SWEET job he did. My band mates get all of our guitar work done by Freddy. I'm very impressed given how hard headstock snaps are to fix on Gibsons. Absolutely stoked!!!

From Jake of House of Thumbs www.houseofthumbs.com.au

When I got my hands on my new custom lefty 7 string, I needed a tech who knew alternate tunings, had worked with a Kahler trem, and could get the fastest action out of my axe possible, along with a couple of adjustments to the nut slot on the low B. Not wanting to trust my guitar to your regular over-the-counter hack job tech, I did some research and came across Freddy, who not only lived locally to me, but really knew his shit! Quick turnaround, fair pricing and great advice - not only will I never need to find another tech, but I've recommended him to everyone I know. I'll definitely be coming back to him with my range of 6's and 7's, knowing that whether I need some new pickups wired, or my Floyd refuses to stay in tune, Freddy is the man!

From Colin of Thirty Mill Studio :Thirty Mill Studio

Hey Fred, your work on the guitar is absolutely sensational. It's the best it has ever played. Thank you so much! I cannot speak highly enough of you and I have 2 more possible customers for you just from them playing both guitars of mine you've worked on. Thanks again =)

Cheers, Colin

From Adrian:

When Freddy said that my '72 Gibson ES-335 was in good hands he really meant it... My vintage baby needed some attention, with corroded electronics, bridge and tremolo issues and 38years worth of oil and gunk and wear... Freddy returned my guitar to me in a condition that the companies call 'vintage reissue'. Sparkling, clean, smooth playing, the lowest action imaginable and sounds just like a well set up 38year old instrument should... Forget your big name Melbourne guitar shops and local everyday music stores, if you're guitar needs maintenance, go no further than Freddy's fickle and attention to detail driven ethos to guitar set ups, your guitars are treated as if they were his own... Thanks again man, Adrian www.myspace.com/breakfastovergunfire

From Doug Steele of Learn Shred Guitar.Com (Melband Posting):

Fred's the master, he's done a few of my guitars and they burn like no other. He's also done some repairs to my Ibanez Universe, and rewired one of the pick ups. Great work, and the turn around was quick, as I gig regularly. Thanks a billion!!!!

From Axe-Man (Melband Posting):

Fred's a cool guy and did some great work on a couple of my guitars.

I've used a few other techs in the past and when I got my guitars home I wasn't overly enthused with the setup and work.

Not Fred. My axes now play beautifully as after the hot summer and now into the cold weather I was needing some major tune ups! Floyd Rose equipped guitar was on a tuning vacation and was refusing to come home. I tried everything myself but it still wasn't staying in tune. Enter Fred and bang, it's back to normal and staying in true so well I can even leave the lock nuts open and it doesn't move.

From David Anthony:

Hey man its David Anyhony , just wanna say thanx for settin up my guitars , they feel awsome .. talk soon.

From Alex Palmer:

"Amazing job. Fred really knows what he's doing. I gave him my beaten up, machine head missing, dodgy pick-up awful to play resonator i picked up for $300 and he handed me back a brand spanking new resonator with all new machine heads, proper pick up installation and it plays like a dream. i still cannot believe how new it looks and feels. A big up to ya Fred, excellent, excellent work. For anyone considering using Fred as their guitar tech let me say that i highly recommend Fred, he's worked on my guitars for years and has always done an absoloutely mint job, plus he doesn't charge that much". - Alex Palmer 'The Beat Brothers'


From Robbie:

"My band and I play live regularly and I need my guitar to be in top condition when it's time to go out on stage. Fred knows what he's doing and he does it extremely well. His prices are fair and he'll get what needs to be done fast without any bullshit. I wouldn't trust my guitar with anybody else but Frettin Freddy.

Rob from Brunswick East, Melbourne

From Donovan:

I have been taking my guitars to Fred exclusively since I came across his services about a year ago. Fred has performed a number of jobs for me from standard set-ups through to a number of extensive modifications and customisations.
The quality of his work is exceptional but what has impressed me most (and kept me coming back) is his depth of knowledge, experience and 'after-sales' service.
Fred has always been able to provide me with a range of modificationcustomisation options tailored to suit my needs and my budget and, whats more, he has almost always had first hand experience with these and can give me solid advise around the sorts of results I might expect. This has really helped me narrow down my options and potentially saved me a lot of cash in the process!

Fred has taken the time and interest to ensure that I am happy with the end results of his work and has always been very honest and approachable if I have wanted to make any changes. I feel that it is the combination of all of these 'added extras' that make his services exceptional value for money.
I have been to other guitar techs in Melbourne who have done sub-standard work which has ended up costing me more money to get re-fixed, not to mention the hassles of having to be without my main guitar when I\'ve really needed it.
Fred has been very conscious of the need to get the guitar back ASAP but to have it fixed once and fixed right. This combined with the 30 day garuntee on the work done means that I know where I'll be going when I need more work done!

From Barry:

I tell ya what, this guy really knows his shit when it comes to guitar work. I took him a cheap ass fender copy, and he turned it into a masterpiece. It plays amazingly well, and is a very comfortable guitar to play. Its the black daion, fender copy. I totally recommend Freddy to do any work you need done on your guitar. Freddy, you are a genius mate.

From Anthony Francis:

Wow!!! I'm really amazed with the quality of work, professionalism and the comfort of knowing that my guitar is in good hands. Plus I got my guitar back in the agreed amount of time. I'm definitely going back.

From Michael:

I stumbled upon Freddy searching for someone to set up a newly acquiried guitar of mine. Seeing as he advertised he specialised in metal setups, i thought what better place to go. Im very specific with what I want and Freddy did everything i asked and then some! Man knows his guitars inside and out. I trust him wholeheartedly with my guitars that not only will they be looked after, but setup exactly how you ask. Any problems you have Freddy knows exactly how to fix. On top of that his work is guaranteed so you know that in the extremely rare case anything were to go wrong, it will get fixed and sorted out without hassle. Nowadays i wont take my guitars to anyone but him. Offers good prices and always looks after you for being a return customer - a thing you dont see much of these days. As i work a lot and have a lot of other commitments, i have no time to be running around maintaining and fixing guitars among other things. I needed someone i can TRUST who can do exactly what I want first time, for the right price, and on time. Freddy does all that and more. Couldnt recommend or rate Freddy highly enough!! Michael