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One Music  

One-music is full service music production facility.

Its services include, recording studio hire, music production and video production.
The principle operators of One Music are Mark Opitz And Colin Wynne.

Thirty Mill Studios  

Thirty Mill Studios is a state of the recording studio offering some of the finest Digital and Analog equipment, all built inside a beautiful and creative environment.

Yourspace Rehearsal Studio  
We here at Yourspace have built these rooms to sound great and that's the feedback we've been getting. Our location makes us very easy to get to and our rates are very competitive. Have a look around and if you like what you see, give us a call. 03 9336 3581
This is my man Doug Steele!!! One bad ass guitarist. If you want to learn to play from a pro, check out LSG!!!
Fashion Photography
Plenty of guitar parts here.